• How to become a UNRSF participating UN organization?

    How to become a UNRSF participating UN organization?

    Below you may find some steps to becoming a PUNO should your organisation wish to be eligible for future calls:

    • Send secretariat a justification explaining why your organisation wishes to join as a PUNO, what value it could bring and for which of 5 core priorities (road safety management, safe roads, safe vehicle, safe user and post-crash response) - 1-page max for the justification (an example is attached).
    • The secretariat will send it for review and approval by the Steering Committee.
    • If approved, then an MOU would need to be signed with MPTFO and then that would render you a PUNO

  • What amount is available for projects under a Call for Proposals?

    The UNRSF disbursed a total of US$ 4 million in the last Call for Proposals. Individual project budgets must be more than US$ 100,000 and less than US$ 1 million. The submitted project budget should be inclusive of all indirect support costs, general operating and direct costs (including costs for monitoring and evaluation).

    These amounts may change in the next Call for Proposals.

  • What is the frequency of UNRSF Calls for Proposals?

    Generally, there is one Call for Proposals per year.

  • How do I increase my chances to get UNRSF funding?

    The past Calls for Proposals were highly competitive and it is likely that the upcoming Call will also see the submission of many strong projects.

    Your chances of submitting a successful proposal will be highest if you ensure that your application is fully aligned with the recommendations in the Global Framework Plan of Action for Road Safety, the Funding Criteria and Priorities and the priorities identified by the Advisory Board and Steering Committee for this Call.

  • Does the UNRSF fund infrastructure projects?

    UNRSF will not fund infrastructure construction projects but can finance projects seeking expertise and/or capacity building on safe infrastructure (such as marking/signalling of roads, pedestrian crossing points) or activities aimed at improved design of road infrastructure.

    Permissible projects with a small infrastructure component would need to contribute to informing policy or building capacity, these could be as a pilot, proof of concept or part of a feasibility study. 

  • How can my organization apply for UNRSF funding?

    Only participating UN organizations are eligible for direct access to funding under the UNRSF Call for Proposals. 

    These UN organizations receive funding based on funding proposals they submit to the Fund when the Fund issues a Call for Proposals. They then work with external organizations to implement the approved initiative.

    If you seek funding for a road safety project, please contact the participating UN organization most applicable for you to work with. Please follow this site, our social media channels and/or subscribe to our mailing list to be informed of our next Call for Proposals.