The UN Road Safety Fund is the foremost way for nations, corporations and individuals to financially contribute to the United Nations and its partners’ efforts to support countries’ road safety programmes. 

Globally, road crashes cause over 1 million preventable deaths and 50 million injuries each year. Unsafe roads have significant economic, social and health costs in low- and middle-income countries. 

Road Safety Costs

Improving road safety requires long-term commitment and action by governments to improve national road safety systems. Yet, many governments do not have the expertise, evidence or experience on global best practices that are proven to make roads safer.  



The Fund’s success is measured by the number of countries – facing high traffic deaths and injuries – which have access to, and benefit from, our coordinated technical assistance that strengthens their national road safety systems.  

There is a need for greater investment and support for road safety at domestic and global levels. Join the Fund’s partnership in building a world where roads are safe for every road user, everywhere.