The Advisory Board provides strategic direction to the Fund. This includes advice on criteria for proposals, monitoring and evaluation and priorities for funding projects.

The broad membership of the Board ensures that the strategic guidance provided to the Steering Committee reflects a large consensus among the various stakeholders.

The World Bank, as the host of the Global Road Safety Facility, is a member of the Advisory Board in order to ensure coordination and coherence between funding mechanisms.
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The Steering Committee has the direct oversight on the Fund and the authority to make decisions such as the approval of projects for funding in line with the strategic direction provided by the Advisory Board.
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The Fund's secretariat is housed at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in Geneva. It provides substantive, operational and logistical support to the Advisory Board and the Steering Committee. It is responsible for fund mobilization; organizing calls for project applications; and monitoring and reporting on the Fund’s programmatic and operational performance. Read More



The Fund is administered by the Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) Office based in New York, which acts as the Administrative Agent. The MPTF Office is a UN facility which administers over 100 UN common funding instruments. It is responsible for the Fund's design and setup, the maintenance of its account, the receipt of donor contributions, the disbursement of funds and the provision of periodic consolidated reports.

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Jean Todt advocates for the Fund’s mandate and success as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety and as a member of the Fund’s Advisory Board. 

Through his role, he calls on nations, corporations and individuals to support the Fund. Find out more: